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Starter Pack

Disney Infinity Starter Pack

In order to play Disney Infinity you will need to purchase a Starter Pack. This is the only way you can get your hands on the game as well as the Infinity Base which you’ll need to play the game.

Starter Packs are available for:

PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii U
Nintendo 3DS

While all the Starter Packs come with the same components you still have to purchase the set that is compatible with your system. You need the game disc or cartridge for your system as well as an Infinity Base that can communicate with your system. The remaining components, as we will discuss more later, are not system-specific.

Each Starter Pack includes:

  • 1 Game (specific to your system)
  • 1 Infinity Base (specific to your system)
  • 3 Figures (Sulley, Jack Sparrow, Mr. Incredible)
  • 1 Power Disc
  • 1 Play Set Piece (containing 3 Play Sets)
  • 1 Web Code Card

Ultimately, you never need to buy any additional accessories to play and complete the game. However, a great deal of enjoyment, as well as extended gameplay, can be gained with additional purchases.

Play Set Pack

Each Play Set Pack contains:

  • 2 Figures
  • 1 Play Set Piece

These Play Sets and Figures are not specific to any one system. The Figures included with the set will be related to the enclosed Play Set.

Toy Box Pack

Each Toy Box Pack contains:

  • 2 Figures
  • 2 Power Discs

These sets do not provide any extra game play like the Play Set Packs. These are just to gain additional Disney Infinity characters to be used in the Toy Box.

The Figures and Powers Discs in this set will all be related to the same movie.

Single Pack

Each Single Pack contains:

  • 1 Figure

If you’re looking to get your hands on your favorite character, this maybe the way to go. However, the Single Packs also have the highest “per figure” cost of any of the packs.

Three Pack

Each Triple Pack contains:

  • 3 Figures

These Figures will all be from different movies, but they will have some sort of theme to tie them together. The Triple Packs are not only good for variety, but they are also the most economical way to purchase your Disney Infinity characters.

Power Disc Pack

Each Power Disc Pack contains:

  • 2 Power Discs

Each pack will have two random discs with the possibility of a Rare Disc included.

Gold Power Disc Pack

Each Gold Power Disc Pack contains:

  • 1 Power Disc
  • 1 Toys R Us Exclusive Power Disc

The Gold Power Disc Packs are exclusive to Toys R Us. In each pack you are guaranteed to get one of the Exclusive Rare Power Discs. There is only one Exclusive Power Disc at this time, but there are more to come.

Disney Infinity Characters (Figures)


While the Disney Infinity characters are essentially just collectible accessories, you will always need at least one Figure to play the game.

To play, you must place one character of your choosing on the Infinity Base. The Base will “transport” your character into the game for you to control.

When playing in the Toy Box, there are no limitations on which Disney Infinity characters you can use. However, when you are playing the game using one of the Play Sets, your selection becomes more limited.

Power Discs

There are three different types of Power Discs: Abilities, Toys, and Customization.


The Abilities Power Discs are easy to identify. They are round, have a red border, and sport a red star on the outer rim of the disc.

These discs are used in combination with the Figures. You can place an Ability Power Disc on the Infinity Base, just beneath the Figure you are using. This will provide your character with a particular new power or ability depending on which disc you choose.

To make things even more interesting you can use up to two Ability Power Discs per Figure. These discs can be the same or they can be different.

If the two discs are the same, the power will be multiplied to give you a greater ability.

If the discs are different you will receive benefits from each of the discs you are using. Certain combinations of discs can actually provide you with a special bonus power.


The Toys Powers Discs are hexagonal (they have six sides), have an orange border, and an orange ball on the bottom edge of the disc.

The Toys Power Discs can only be used in the Toy Box. They are placed on the Infinity Base where you would normally place your Play Set Piece.

Each of these discs will provide you with an additional toy or vehicle to use in the Toy Box. You can stack up to three hexagonal discs at one time (this includes Toys and Customization discs).


The Customization Power Discs are hexagonal (they have six sides), have a purple border, and a purple paint brush on the bottom edge of the disc.

The Customization Power Discs can only be use in the Toy Box. They are placed on the Infinity Base where you would normally place your Play Set Piece.

Each of these discs will provide you with either a new Sky or a new Terrain (texture pack) based on a particular Disney movie. You can stack up to three hexagonal discs at one time (this includes Customization and Toys discs).


Within each of these three categories, there are a few discs that are considered Rare. This simply means that less of them were produced so, in the long run, they will be harder to find.

That being said, Rare Power Discs do have a very distinct look. To start each rare disc will have a special holographic picture on it. It’s pretty hard to miss, but you will also notice a second distinguishing feature. All Rare Discs are colored. The common Power Discs are made from clear plastic. The Rare Discs however use a translucent red, orange, or purple plastic.

Types of Power Discs

Play Sets

With the Starter Pack you receive a single Play Set Piece that contains three different Play Sets. Each of these Play Sets is said to take 6-8 hours to play through. This means you’re looking at 18-24 hours of gameplay just from the Starter Pack. (Well above average for a “children’s game”.)

In addition to the Starter Pack you can purchase Play Set Packs (as I mentioned above). In each of these packs you will receive another Play Set Piece. This piece is very similar to the piece you received in the Starter Pack except it focuses on a new movie and it only contains one Play Set.

However, each of these new Play Sets also contain 6-8 hours of brand new gameplay. So if you like what you’ve seen so far, you can extend your adventure with these Play Sets.

Unfortunately, there is one small caveat. When playing in the Play Sets you MUST use characters associated with that Play Set. You can only use characters from that particular movie.

For example, Buzz Lightyear cannot play in the Cars Play Set and Mike Wazowski cannot play in the Pirates of the Caribbean Play Set.

On the other hand, all Disney Infinity characters can be used in the Toy Box.

Toy Box

While the Play Sets could have been an entire game by themselves, Disney went above and beyond. Once you’ve completed the Play Sets (or before if you prefer) you can start a whole new journey in the Toy Box.

Within the Toy Box you have a variety of options. You can play through the Adventures and Mastery Adventures or if you prefer you can play in or create your own Toy Box World.


These Adventures are fairly short levels, but they give you an opportunity to collect new Toys to use in the Toy Box as well as Spins which you can also use to collect more Toys.

There are a number Adventures immediately available for any of the Disney Infinity characters to play. Additionally, there are figure-specific levels that will only appear when that particular figure is placed on the Infinity Base. While these levels are not as long as the Play Sets, they do provide a nice bonus for any new characters you choose to buy.

Mastery Adventures

The Mastery Adventures are basically tutorial levels that will teach you how to build in the Toy Box. These Mastery Adventures guide you through the rudimentary skills required to start creating your own Toy Box Worlds.

Once you finish these courses it is up to you and your creativity. The possibilities are infinite.

Toy Box Worlds

The Toy Box Worlds are where you really get to break loose and have some fun. This is where you can mix and match characters from different films and design your very own Disney masterpiece.

Even if you don’t think creating levels sounds like fun, you will still be able to play levels others have created. There were a number of levels created at launch and more will be released over time. Many of these levels will be fan-created. It will take some time for these levels to be released though as they have to pass through Disney’s strict review process before they are released to the masses. In any case, you will always be able to create your own levels locally and play them with your friends.

No matter how you decide to spend you time in the Toy Box, you are sure to find a way to have a good time.

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