About Infinity Characters List

Infinity Characters exists to guide you through the myriad of available (or soon-to-be available) Disney Infinity characters, figures, power discs, and play sets.

More and more single packs, triple packs, play set packs, and toy packs are scheduled to release over the coming months and it can definitely be a lot to keep track of. So here at we will do the heavy lifting for you. We will keep track of all the latest releases and inform you as soon as possible. will always provide you with the latest news and updates surrounding Disney Infinity and the Disney Infinity characters.

If you ever have any questions regarding Disney Infinity or its related characters, please feel free to contact us here at


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Infinity Characters List will be shutting down at the end of April. Later this year, we will be launching which will cover Disney Infinity along with a myriad of other collectibles. I hope you'll join us.