All Disney Infinity Power Discs

As we are now much further along in the Disney Infinity release, it is important to note that there are different Series of Power Discs. This becomes particularly important if you plan on purchasing these discs in the blind Power Disc packs.

It is up to you to know which discs are in which series so that you can purchase an appropriate pack.

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All Series 1 Disney Infinity Power Discs

Alice in Wonderland Sky - Tulgey WoodAlice in Wonderland Sky

Alice in Wonderland TerrainAlice in Wonderland Terrain

Bolt Super StrengthBolt Super Strength

Carl Fredricksen's Cane with Tennis BallsCane With Tennis Balls

C.H.R.O.M.E. Damage ControlC.H.R.O.M.E. Damage Control

Cinderella's CoachCinderella’s Coach

Finding Nemo Sky - Nemo's SeascapeFinding Nemo Sky

Finding Nemo Terrain - Marlin's ReefFinding Nemo Terrain

Fix It Felix's Fix You Repair PowerFix It Felix’s Fix You

Kahn the HorseKahn the Horse

Mickey's JalopyMickey’s Car

Pieces of Eight Pirate BootyPieces of Eight

Stitch's BlasterStitch’s Blaster

Sugar Rush SkySugar Rush Sky

Sugar Rush Terrain - King Candy's Desert ToppingsSugar Rush Terrain

Tangled Sky - Rapunzel's Birthday SkyTangled Sky

Tangled Terrain - Rapunzel's KingdomTangled Terrain

All Series 2 Disney Infinity Power Discs

Dr. Doofenshmirtz's Damage-InatorDr. Doofenshmirtz’s Damage-Inator


Flamingo Croquet MalletFlamingo Croquet Mallet

Frankenweenie SkydomeFrankenweenie Sky

Frankenweenie Texture PackFrankenweenie Terrain

Frozen SkydomeFrozen Sky

Frozen Texture PackFrozen Terrain

Hangin' Ten Stitch with SurfboardHangin’ Ten Stitch with Surfboard

Headless Horseman's HorseHeadless Horseman’s Horse


Mike's New CarMike’s New Car

Pizza Planet Delivery TruckPizza Planet Delivery Truck

Ralph's Power of DestructionRalph’s Power of Destruction

Star Command ShieldStar Command Shield

The Nightmare Before Christmas SkydomeThe Nightmare Before Christmas Sky

The Nightmare Before Christmas Texture PackThe Nightmare Before Christmas Terrain

User ControlUser Control

All Series 3 Disney Infinity Power Discs

Mickey's Sorcerer HatMickey’s Sorcerer Hat

Rapunzel's HealingRapunzel’s Healing

Violet's Force FieldViolet’s Force Field

Chernabog's PowerChernabog’s Power

Cruella De Vil's CarCruella De Vil’s Car

Dragon Firework CannonDragon Firework Cannon



Disney Parks Parking Lot TramDisney Parks Parking Lot Tram

Toy Story Mania BlasterToy Story Mania Blaster

Calico's HelicopterCalico’s Helicopter


Tri-State Area TerrainTri-State Area Terrain

Danville SkyDanville Sky

WALL-E's CollectionWALL-E’s Collection

Buy 'N' Large AtmosphereBuy ‘N’ Large Atmosphere

Rare Series 1 Power Discs

Abu the Elephant - Rare Power DiscAbu the Elephant

Astro Blaster - Rare Power DiscAstro Blaster

Dumbo the Flying Elephant Ride - Rare Power DiscDumbo the Flying Elephant Ride

Rare Series 2 Power Discs

Condorman Glider - Rare Power DiscCondorman Glider

Electric Mayhem Bus - Rare Power DiscElectric Mayhem Bus

Jolly Roger - Rare Power DiscJolly Roger

Rare Series 3 Power Discs

WALL-E's Fire ExtinguisherWALL-E’s Fire Extinguisher

Toys R Us Exclusive Power Discs

C.H.R.O.M.E. Damage Increaser - Rare Power DiscC.H.R.O.M.E. Damage Increaser

Emperor Zurg's Wrath - Rare Power DiscEmperor Zurg’s Wrath

Merlin's Summon - Rare Power DiscMerlin’s Summon

Mike's New Car - Rare Power DiscMike’s New Car

Scrooge McDuck's Lucky Dime - Rare Power DiscScrooge McDuck’s Lucky Dime

Stitch's Surfboard - Rare Power DiscStitch’s Surfboard

Tron Skydome - Rare Power DiscTron Sky

Tron Texture Pack - Rare Power DiscTron Terrain

User Control - Rare Power DiscUser Control

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