Disney Infinity Storage

Even though Disney Infinity has just been released, we already have a number of different storage options.

While there are a number of options for gamers on-the-go, that’s just not me. I don’t find my figures and power discs leaving my house often and I don’t expect they ever will. That is just one of many reasons that I prefer the storage options outlined below.

The Best Disney Infinity Figure Storage Option

Disney Infinity Display Case

These display cases are awesome. They are delivered in three pieces, so there is a little bit of assembly required, but it’s not tough. Once put together they are solid and they look great. If you need to get a figure out to play with, you should not have any trouble getting them open again.

My only complaint is that the two little tabs made to hold in the web code card don’t really work. But since that’s the worst of my trouble, I love these cases.

These display cases come in packs of three. They stack well and even “interlock” side to side. So you have many options when choosing how to display your figures. I hope you enjoy these cases as much as I do.

The Best Disney Infinity Power Disc Storage Option

Power Disc Tube

When it comes to storing your Disney Infinity Power Discs, I don’t think you’ll find a better solution. It’s small and compact, but can hold all of the Series 1 Power Discs (when inserted properly).

While you’re playing you can slide the case closed so you don’t have to worry about anything spilling out. Then when you’re finished playing the capsule fits neatly alongside your TV (or at least that’s where mine is kept).

This tube definitely gets two thumbs up.

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